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Why was Galactica 1980 released without Richard or Dirk?

I donít know if Dirk was asked to do it, Iím sure he was but I was definitely asked and decided to turn it down because I felt the new show had destroyed the original premise of the original. Once you bring the show to earth that early in the story you have ruined the whole impetus behind the heroic journey to get there. It is the harrowing journey to get to any destination that is most interesting. Once you arrive the show is over, or if it is to continue than it will become an entirely different show. Nothing wrong with that except why wastes such an incredible opportunity to explore the universe and the mysterious path of the Kobollians.

Why is Glen Larson refusing to collaborate with you?

Glen created the show and as such feels a sense of ownership. Even though he sold the rights to Universal Iím sure itís hard for him to let go and let someone else take over. When it comes to collaboration itís a tricky issue. Glen is used to doing things his way and Iím not sure he respects actors all that much. Maybe he just doesnít like the fact that I took it upon myself to go out there and make something happen, I really donít know for sure. Additionally, itís only natural that he would have his own ideas about where he would take the show and his vision for the Battlestar may not have agreed with mine.

To tell the truth I understand some of his feelings, but I personally would have collaborated with him if he were open to it. I even stated that in many articles. If we could have gotten together and found a common direction that would have served the show's best interest I think our collaboration would have worked. In truth there are many stories to tell and many directions to go in which are equally valid. My only demand would have been to bring back the original cast and add a new generation born in space. The rest would have been open to collaboration. I respect Glen and his many accomplishments and my quest to bring back Galactica was not to steal anything away from him. It was to honor his original story and bring back the show that no one in the industry seemed to care about.

If I won the lottery, how much would it cost to buy the rights to Battlestar Galactica? One hundred million, two hundred million?

Iím not sure. The price would depend on the year and how much attention is being paid to the show. Thereís a lot to be considered. I spent a lot of time trying to find answers to the very same question but unfortunately Universal was not very cooperative. I also donít believe it is Universal's policy to sell such a show.

If the new producers ignored your and our call for the continuation of the new Battlestar Galactica along the old story lines with the old cast and adding new ones, what will be your response to them?

I have laid out what I believe is the majority of the fans vision for the show, time and time again as forcefully as I can. I have also addressed what I and many others believe would be the repercussions if they ignore the fans requests or input. I have also shared our research, insights and feedback from the fans acquired from all my journeys around the world on behalf of the show. They have seen my Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming trailer. We have shown them the amazing response we had to it from fans old and young everywhere. They have seen the polls, which overwhelmingly support the original actors and storylines. The next move is theirs, but the response and success of the show is truly in your hands, as it has always been. You are the ones they have to satisfy not me. In the final analysis if they create a great show which you all love, and I and any of the other cast members are not asked to have meaningful roles in it, than so be it. Yes, it will be painful but I will always be grateful for having spent some wonderful years involved in a story I love and getting to know some of the most interesting and intelligent human beings on the face of the planet.

Can you see Battlestar Galactica evolving like Star Trek along different directions (Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager)?

Yes, but in my opinion you first you have to reestablish the original storyline and characters like Star Trek did with the original cast. Star Trek: Next Generation would probably not have survived in the early going if the Trek movies with Shatner and company had not paved the way. Once you satisfy the fans desire to revisit and catch up with their favorite characters they are much more receptive to exploring new themes and storylines. The situation with Battlestar Galactica is similar, but a little different from Star Trek. Battlestar Galactica was shot down in it's infancy. Just as we fell in love with the characters and plot lines the show went down due to cost over runs. The majority of the fans have been waiting for twenty three years to see what was going to happen with the original story and characters and unless you satisfy those expectations you run the risk of alienating the very audience you need to make your new version successful.

What will happen once Battlestar Galactica finds Earth, in your own view?

When the Galactica finally finds Earth, I believe they would find that the thirteenth tribe had only visited there and then moved on to some other destination. I believe that maybe some of their people would stay and interact with the indigenous species, but the main group would leave after a brief visit and continue to follow the path of the thirteenth tribe or maybe seek out a planet of their own. If they found that the indigenous species had destroyed themselves in some Great War or ecological disaster than maybe they would stay and colonize. There are many options. It would have been fun to explore them.

First of all, let me say how utterly crushed I am that you have been treated so horribly by the powers that be during this whole process and that all of our dreams of Battlestar Galactica living again in the way WE the fans want it have been destroyed by the overblown egos of Bryan Singer and Tom DeSanto. My question is when these ď We know what you want better than you do peopleĒ fail in their attempt to reinvent Battlestar Galactica in their own self serving image, will you continue to try to follow your vision (and the fans) in a made for TV movie or some other form or have you given up? (I wouldnít blame you if you did).

Well, thatís a long question. Let me say right off that we all have to keep an open mind with whatever Tom and Bryan come up with. The industry is full of overblown egos but many times you never really know who the big egos are. From what Iíve heard about Bryan and Tom they seem to be not only very talented artists, but very nice gentlemen as well. They are fighting the good fight with the studios and networks to create the best show they know how.

Unfortunately we donít know what they are up against or whoís the determining factor in which vision they finally have to follow. The natural tendency for any artist is to find their own unique way of doing something that they believe is original and fresh. There is also a tendency to reinvent a story or show so one can take credit for itsí success. A classic like Battlestar Galactica is a difficult creature to tackle. It is all the more difficult when you have so many cooks in the kitchen trying to assert their will and vision on a project. I have great compassion for Tom and Bryan and the task they have before them. I do appreciate your understanding and support for all that we have accomplished these past few years. We tried very hard to build a bridge between the past and future with our trailer, and for the most part I think we succeeded; and by the fan response we definitely have. However, it is a very delicate line to tread and when you have too many points of view being thrust upon you it can be even more difficult, if not impossible.

As far as Iím concerned I donít think itís honorable for me to judge them or try and compete with their project by doing my own BG movie, even if I able to. I am however moving forward with many new projects including The Great War of Magellan where I can explore in a new universe all the wonderful and cutting edge stories and concepts I was hoping to bring to Battlestar. I havenít given up on Battlestar; Iíve just had to redefine my role in it and will wait to see if there is a meaningful place for me in the new production. If not than so be it! Yes, it will be very painful, but there always comes a time when circumstances force you to move on in your life and maybe that time is now. Iíll always believe in Battlestar. Iím looking forward to creating new and exciting projects that will not only entertain but also inspire and uplift our civilization.

Hi Richard! You have the BEST web people working on your web sites. Theyíre very friendly and on the ball. Have you thought about giving them audio files from your speaking engagements, so we can learn more about your workshops and talks?

Thank you and Michael Faries thanks you. Weíve worked very hard under very trying conditions to bring you the best web page we can. I wanted to create a BG site that would represent the fans opinions and points of view. Itís their page and I hope it will always remain so. As to my teaching, workshops and lectures please check out I teach people how to do the easy way what I struggled so hard to learn the hard way. I love to inspire people and it has become a professional hobby of mine over the years. I get invited to travel around the country giving talks on many subjects ranging from acting to communication to learning how to master fear. Building self esteem and mastering fear have been two of my lifeís main lessons and we always teach what we have had to master during the course of our journey on this planet. I will be having exerts from my past workshops and seminars up on my personal web page soon, including audio and video versions as well.

Richard, how bittersweet will it be for you to see a new Galactica series possibly go on without you after you have put so much time and effort into bringing it back?

It will be definitely painful but I have been through a lot of pain and frustration in my life and have learned somewhat how to deal with it in a positive way. Iíve already had a lot of time to come to terms with the fact that I may not be in the new show. Fortunately I have also been developing many new and exciting projects that I am looking forward to sharing with all of you. I love Sci-Fi and I canít wait to explore further into the unknown and like Star Trek, continue to go where no woman or man has gone before. The grand adventure stands before us at the threshold of space.

Will you be going to auditions for the new Battlestar series? If not, why? If yes, what do you expect?

If they decide to use any of the original actors in the series they would be continuing to play their own roles and would definitely not have to audition. But it would be definitely newsworthy, and who knows maybe I could audition for Starbuck and finally get laid on the show. ;)

Would you ever consider filming in Australia, and are there any Aussie actors youíd really like to work with?

I looooooooooove Australia and would shoot there in a minute. Iíve been there many times and would even consider living there. I love Mel Gibson along with a lot of other actors I canít remember the names of. Ask me again sometime when (hopefully) I can remember their names?

Have the executives working on the new Galactica spoken with you about your Second Coming story or your being somehow involved in the new series?

I have had no official meetings with anyone connected with the show. Tom DeSanto has spoken informally to many of the original stars of the show including me a few times and also to the fan clubs and Battlestar Galactica web sites. There are a few rumors going around that Dirk and Herb have met officially with the producers but nothing has been confirmed. As far as I know at this time I am not in the pilot. I do believe that if they were absolutely going to use me in any significant way in the series they would have officially asked me by now.

Why was your third and most recent Battlestar Galactica novel, "RESURRECTION" so different from your two previous books? The transition of the story took on a dramatic new tone, and in some places a whole new story line. i.e. Apollo and Sheba were about to be sealed and the new chemistry between Apollo and Cassie. Plus, I noticed several typos and editing problems. I guess Iím just wondering what happened. Overall, I have been impressed with the story line. Just curious.

Good questions. First of all the book directly follows and completes the first two novels. The different tone is the result of having a new writer working with me. Obviously any new writer will have his or her own unique style. I usually write out a detailed story outline and than the writer Iím working with lays out the chapters. Iím not sure what you mean by dramatic new tone as my story picks up right where we left off in book two with Starbuck being severely injured and fighting for his life. In addition the fleet is still escaping from their last destination as quickly as possible to avoid a major confrontation with Cylons, whom we know are hot on their trail. After a major battle with the Chitains, the fleet cannot afford another fight with the Cylons and are trying desperately to find the safest place possible to repair their ships and replenish their supplies.

The whole new story line you speak of is only an evolution of the existing one as characters in our story are constantly being forced by circumstances to re-evaluate their intentions and face their deepest fears and desires. In twenty-three years the relationships between Apollo, Sheba, Starbuck and Cassie and the rest of our characters have continued to go through many trials and tribulations as they grow and evolve in the show. Sometimes they move on to other relationships and sometimes they return to renew old ones on an even more profound level.

In my story, Apollo who is supposed to marry Sheba, has reconsidered for the time being because the possible death of his good friend, Starbuck. And the near destruction of the fleet has forced him to re-evaluate his feelings. Additionally, due to Starbuck's impending death, Apollo relives the death of his great love, Serina. He realizes he is still holding on to her and not able to love anyone else fully until he does. He shares this with Sheba and tells her that he doesnít want to cheat her out of the love she truly deserves from the man she loves.

Cassie, Starbuck and Athena have always gone back and forth with Starbuck continuing to struggle with commitment issues. Itís interesting that both Starbuck and Apollo have the same commitment issues for different reasons. Starbuck has grown obviously and is beginning to take on more responsibility, but has yet to cross over the line. He still loves the ladies. Would Starbuck be Starbuck if he settled down, maybe, but certainly not yet? Cassie, after twenty-three years, has developed into a very substantial woman and realizes that she may never have the commitment she now wants from Starbuck. The severe injury to Starbuck and the conditions in the fleet pave the way for Apollo and Cassie, as well as Starbuck and Athena, to become a little closer as they all seek refuge from their prior relationships -- and share their pain and frustrations together. Apollo and Cassie end up getting a little too close as they try to lend support to each other during Starbuck's struggle for life.

This doesnít mean that they will end up together, or that Cassie wonít ever return to Starbuck, but a lot of personal growth has to happen before then. Who really knows what the final outcome will be? Doesnít that make things a lot more interesting? Think of all the future issues and situations that can come from these dynamic turn of events. Maybe Athena is just the right woman to make Starbuck grow up. Maybe Athena will help him finally realize that he really loves Cassi and doesnít want to lose her. Maybe jealousy and betrayal will force Apollo and Starbuck to really get into it creating a struggle that will ultimately deepen and evolve their friendship. Who knows what the future will bring but the possibilities are endless. Just remember itís the struggle and the challenges between characters that create the drama and ultimately evolve the storylines, taking us hopefully to places we never realized we would go.

With regards to the typos and punctuation, I can only tell you that the editors are suppose to take care of that. Because of a very rushed deadline, not only were we faced with an impossible deadline, but the editors' as well. Also, believe it or not, they published our very first rough draft (which we had only submitted for Universal's approval and go ahead). We were already on our third draft when we found out. You have no idea what a monumental struggle it has been just to get these books out due to a lot of issues which I donít really want to go into here. Needless to say, I have done my best to overcome every obstacle thrown at me and I would only ask that you and the rest of the fans be patient and forgiving as we try to find solutions to all the remaining issues facing us.

By the way, the paperback of "Resurrection" will be out next year and will include all the rewrites and corrected punctuation. My fourth Battlestar Galactica novel, entitled "Revolution," will also be out next year.

Who did the singing, you and Bruce or a Jan and Dean soundtrack?

Both! Bruce and I recorded all the tracks during filming but they mix them in with the originals. It was a lot of fun. I have been singing all my life and have not only written a number of songs but performed them on a soap opera I was on in the seventies called All My Children.

You got to work with Karl Malden on the Streets of San Francisco. Did he give you any words of wisdom about show business that you have used? Be it as an actor or lecturer.

Karl never gave me advice on show business directly but his personal conduct and way of being set an example for everyone on the set. Actors who guest starred on the show were always inspired to give their best performance or face the consequences. Karl didnít beat around the bush. When you came to the set it was time to focus and work!

What was it like to have been a part of one of the most craziest movie kisses in Hollywood history! You know what Iím talking about, you and Michelle Pfeifferís kiss in the 1981 version of Charlie Chan and the Kiss of the Dragon Queen.

Making that movie was one of the most wonderful experiences I ever had in the business. Michelle and I became great buddies and played gin rummy all day in between shots. We both loved to win and had a great time being competitive with each other. If you thought our screen kiss was fun you should have seen our practice sessions!

Why donít you put together a Galactica convention? You have been one of the leaders in keeping Galactica alive in the hearts of people all over the world. I have seen you at conventions here in Atlanta, I think it would be great to have a con focused on BG Thanks!

Great idea, but I really donít know what the state of Battlestar Galactica will be at that time. If the new series is successful, the producers and Universal may have their own plans and not appreciate any outside interference. Weíll have to see. Thanks for asking.

Hello Richard, I was wondering since your not afraid of sharing your personal experiences and accomplishments with fans along with your workshops that help improve peopleís lives; do you ever plan to do an autobiography in the future?

I guess everyone in this business if they live long enough and manage to stay in the public eye will be asked to write their autobiography. I donít know how many people would be willing to pay to read my personal story but I do think that everyone should write one for themselves if only to remember and embrace our own unique and heroic journey in this world.

Do you think that being shy is a developmental problem or just heredity/genetics?

Both. I believe that shyness is a product of low self- esteem and the vast majority of us have these issues to varying degrees. Iíve read a few articles that also talk about the connection to our family history. I do think itís possible that heredity and genetics play a part sometimes in establishing a predisposition for shyness. I was very shy growing up and have taught a lot of classes to help people learn how to positively deal with it. Shyness and low self-esteem can be overcome and mastered. Iím proof of that.


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