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Will there be any future novels of Battlestar Galactica written by you or other professional authors? If so, will they be set before the great holocaust or after?

Thanks for your question. Yes, as a matter of fact, my co-writer Alan Rogers and I are currently writing the fourth BG novel entitled "Rebellion." It should be out in late spring and will continue the storyline of the first three novels.

I was wondering if you will still come to some of the science fiction conventions?

Absolutely, Iím being booked for several conventions this year both in the U.S. and abroad. England, New Zealand, Germany and possible Australia along with several U.S. dates. Theyíll be posted soon at and I love conventions and hanging out with some of the most extraordinary and highly entertaining human beings on the planet. Plus, I get to be crazy, dance and flirt with all the girls -- and, of course, have a brew or two. Iíll be playing several new trailers this year including the Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming trailer along with my new Magellan trailer, which should finally be completed this year.

Will you be writing any novels based on "The Great War Of Magellan"? (GWoM)

Yes. Iím currently speaking with several publishers about this. Iíll let you all know as soon as a deal is made. Right now, Iím completing the Magellan bible, along with the pilot script for a new series.

Would you be willing to release a page of dialogue from GWOM? Or maybe give a sample of the characters, their motivations, etc. That way, if the Battlestar Galactica production is doing something similar to yours, you can say, "Mine was first!"

Everything has been copyrighted, so Iím not too concerned. However, I realize that many creative people come up with similar ideas. I think for the most part that itís not the basic idea or concept that is usually the most unique aspect of something like this. Itís the particular way you take the idea and bring it to life. No one is exactly the same and even two different renditions of the same idea would come out very differently. That being said, I will probably be showing bits and pieces of the story as we evolve along the road to completion.

Hi Richard, I love your web sites but I have a question though about inspiring fans online. How about a monthly update, or lots of new content to keep the public interested? Video clips will be nice to look at. Please give us some regular updates each month or youíll be viewed as the next Tom DeSanto (the "new Battlestar Galactica" executive producer) who keeps all of us in the dark with his lack of communications to fandom.

I totally agree. The problem is that sometimes you are so busy getting everything done that you let many important things slip through the cracks. I will take your advice though and begin giving monthly updates on Magellan. Very good idea. Iím also putting together some video clips which should be up soon. Thanks for the advice and for caring enough to offer them.

So your fourth Battlestar Galactica book is due in July 2002? How about a sampling of one or two pages? How about disclosing the co-author or cover artist? Why are you torturing us without details? ;-) I pray you will write more after this as well.

Good idea. Iíll ask the powers that be if they would mind us doing that. As far as my co-writer is concerned, his name is Alan Rogers and I will have my webmaster do a interview with him shortly. Iím not sure whom the artist will be, but again I will let you know as soon as they make a decision. Weíre not trying to torture you, but I know what you mean. Itís just as hard for me sometimes because they keep me in the dark, too. Business people usually wait until the last minute to commit to anything -- just in case they change their minds about some important issue or decision. I do understand their position, but that doesnít make it any easier.

Would you consider re-doing parts of the Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming trailer? Even just the special effects with a voiceover from you would be nice. You could post it on the web.

Weíve considered doing this, as well as shooting several new sequences and adding some more CGI shots. Right now, a great deal of my time and money is tied up in completing Magellan. It also costs money, in addition to needing a lot of bandwidth to stream video. So, as we move ahead with all our projects -- and revenue begins to flow in -- weíll consider your request. I personally would love to update the trailer and post it on the web, but everything takes time, patience and,of course, money, money, money.

Can you say for us if GWOM is made, will the costumes, props, ships, etc. change? Or are you committed to what weíve seen in the behind the scenes trailer?

First of all, when you look at a behind the scenes trailer you never know what the final trailer will look like. Camera angle, lighting and editing change the look of everything. A person could be wearing something very uninteresting when you film them but after editing the final cut you may only see their face or some other isolated part of their body. Thatís why itís hard to play something like this that is only in the early stages of its evolution without people possibly getting the wrong idea about how things are going to look in the end. The only reason I played a behind the scenes making of version is to give people a very rudimentary idea of where we are going.

Believe me, if you ever saw a rough cut of a film like Star Wars, you would be greatly surprised at what the finished product is going to look like. Second, this finished trailer is only the beginning of the journey to bringing Magellan to the screen. When we are funded and in production weíll of course be evolving and designing many new things. This is only the beginning of a very exciting adventure where weíll be bringing together some of the most talented and cutting edge designers, artists, writers and actors to create the most entertaining and visually stunning show possible. We add and subtract designs and ideas everyday. We will continue testing and asking for feedback even when we are already in production. Itís a never-ending process of upgrading and keeping on the cutting edge of things. Thanks for your question.

May I ask if you would ever record your Battlestar Galactica novels as audio books?

I would love to, but so far the powers that be seem not be interested. I will continue talking to them about this. Hopefully in the future theyíll reconsider. I will definitely be doing audio versions of the Magellan series. Itís so nice when you actually own your own story. You can do all the things youíve always wanted to do and you donít have to take no for an answer.

Whatís the timetable for getting the Magellan project made as an actual movie or television show, not just a trailer.

We are planning on going into production this year. We have a great deal of interest in Magellan. Iím very optimistic that we will be moving ahead shortly.

May we know why thereís no Su-Shann Productions web site? (Su-Shann Productions is Richard's production company.)

Take a look at We have all my Su-Shann stuff there in addition to my workshops, lectures and seminar. Iím speaking at many venues around the country this year and they will be posted soon. Teaching and speaking is my professional hobby. I love to help people believe in themselves and learn how to take their dreams and turn them into reality.


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