Richard Hatch is best known for his Golden Globe nominated portrayal of Captain Apollo in classic Battlestar Galactica and for playing the integral role of political activist Tom Zarek in the re-imagined version of the iconic series. He also starred in the popular television series Streets of San Francisco and All My Children, the memorable television movies Dead Man’s Curve and The Hatfields and the McCoys, and in the feature film Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen.

Hatch’s recent projects include a steampunk short, Cowboys & Engines, and the ground-breaking indie Trek feature Prelude to Axanar, where he plays the key role of Klingon Commander Kharn. Richard just wrapped up shooting the feature film The Enchanted Cottage and will be filming Diminuendo this summer, a character-driven drama about an artist who has lost everything, including the love of his life. Hatch has also joined the cast of the series Blade of Honor and will play the role of Admiral DiCarreck. Richard is in the process of completing his science fiction novel The Great War of Magellan (GWOM) and will include a high-end web series to launch the title. An online game version for GWOM is currently in production.

Richard’s directing credits include Second Coming, a self-produced trailer depicting his vision of a Battlestar Galactica universe 20 years into the future, and a short for White Wings, a period piece about domestic violence set in the 1920's. He has also written, produced and directed an infomercial for the securities industry and produced his own reality series, Who the Frak. Richard is slated to direct With Honor, a movie set in the Vietnam War era.

When not busy performing, directing and writing, Richard teaches acting and personal growth workshops around the country and internationally. He also brings his more than 30 years of experience to The Richard Hatch Actor’s Lab, an acting class and workshop he teaches weekly in Los Angeles where actors, writers and directors focus on the art, craft and business of acting and auditioning. Hatch’s students write and film original material, shorts, pilots and presentations as part of his distinctive, process-oriented curriculum. A passionate and proactive acting coach, Richard also addresses life and career issues, empowering and inspiring students to find their own unique path to success.


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