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Link Our Banner

How To add our banner !

Just add this code to your Web sites HTML and get the Banner below. There's no image taking up space or link to add. The code does it all for you from our server.

Code Be<A HREF="http://www.richardhatchcruise.com"> <IMG SRC="http://www.richardhatchcruise.com/banners/banner1.jpg"ALT=" Richard Hatch Cruise" BORDER=0 ALIGN=absmiddle> low in red.


 Our Banner

After you paste the code into your page this is what the banner should look like.

<A HREF="http://www.richardhatchcruise.com/banners/banner2.jpg"> <IMG SRC="http://www.richardhatchcruise.com/banners/banner2.jpg"ALT=" Richard Hatch Cruise" BORDER=0 ALIGN=absmiddle>

Our Banner

(Editing with Front Page Note).
Make sure if you are doing it in front Page you paste the text as paste special under edit menu then choose treat as html.

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