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Three Exciting Opportunities to work and Learn from Richard Hatch!

The During Times of Change - Acting from the Heart - Power Coaching

A Powerful, Life Changing Experience Presented by Actor Richard Hatch.
"The During Times Of Change workshop"

During times of profound change and uncommon challenge discover the keys to “MASTERING FEAR AND TURNING ADVERSITY INTO SUCCESS, FULFILLMENT AND HAPPINESS” International known speaker, teacher and actor Richard HatchBattlestar Galactica, Streets of San Francisco and All My Children,” combines 25 years of study, research and personal experience with cutting edge communication and success technologies to help people achieve their highest potential.

Richard Hatch went from earning millions of dollars to almost losing it all. He shares his harrowing and inspiring journey to rebuild his life as he presents a step by step personalized road map to peace, joy, personal and financial freedom.

Mastering Fear and Adversity is the #1
reason why people live their dreams. SUCCESS IS A LEARNABLE SKILL • It’s Time To Take Action In Your Life!

The workshop session will last 2 hours and you will still have plenty of time to explore the Mayan Riviera


This workshop can cost corporate clients hundreds of dollars per person. For you on the Richard Hatch Mayan Adventure, the cost is only $50 for the 2 hour session.. This is a real bargain, and a rare opportunity to study with a Golden Globe nominated Actor and celebrated speaker and teacher..

You've already taken the first positive step just by signing up for this Mayan Adventure. Take the next step in your life and join Richard for this very special workshop. Take home with you skills and memories that will last for the rest of your life.

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Acting From the Heart Presented by Actor Richard Hatch.
Acting Self Expression and communication workshop for everyone.

1Join internationally recognized actor, writer and teacher Richard Hatch for a journey of self discovery into the art and magic of acting and performing. Find your voice in the world.

This is a (2) hour class for anyone who ever been curious or interested in exploring the acting process in a safe,fun and nourishing environmernt. No acting experience necessary. Just bring your heart, your inner child, and your imagination. No matter how shy you are this class will unlock your creativity and free your spirit to soar like the eagles.

Overcome Shyness and Inibitions - Learn how famous actors and speakers overcome there personal issues and celebrate their art in front of others.

Focus Your Skills - Learn how to emotionally and mentally connect to a role, and bring to life the most exciting elements of the character and story.

Create Your Reality - Acting is about living moment to moment within a given circumstance, premise and reality.

2Mastering Your Fears - Learn how to face and overcome your fears

Be Yourself - Learn how to be more open, spontaneous and comfortable with yourself and others.

Communicate with Power- Learn how to stand up for yourself and communicate and express yourself with power and authority.

This class can help you to be more effective in all areas of your life.

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Click below to purchase Acting From the Heart Workshop Seminar with Richard Hatch for $50

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ichard Hatch / One on One
"Power Coaching and Consulting"

Richard Hatch is well known for his acting roles in such shows as All My Children, Streets of San Francisco, and Battlestar Galactica. But before he was an accomplished actor, he suffered from some of the same insecurity and self-doubt as most of us. The difference in Richard and the majority of people is he decided to make changes in his life. Richard shares his many years of research and learning now in workshops and boot camps across the country.

Richard has an incredible ability to inspire, motivate, and empower people to a higher level of fulfillment, success and
happiness. His unique insights and perspectives have helped thousands of people to overcome the #1 reason people
do not fulfill their potential-FEAR!

ln a very nourishing and supportive environment, Richard will help you discover your power to make your dreams, goals
and creative vision a concrete reality. Discover what is getting in your way and how to remedy it! lf you are ready to get focused and clear about who you are and what you really want to do and accomplish in your life.

Private Coaching Sessions Start at just $100.00 for 50 minutes. Book your 50 minute session here.

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Three Exciting Opportunities to work and Learn from Richard Hatch!

The During Times of Change - Acting from the Heart - Power Coacing



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