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April 03, 2004

A letter from Richard on Galactica 2003

Hi everyone,

You probably all know by now that I have had a meeting with Ron Moore, and have been offered a guest starring role on the New BG series.

From what was described to me, the role had substance, heart and would be a wonderful part for me to play. I have agreed to accept the role, and want to thank Ron for offering it to me. I'm very appreciative of the fact that the producers are exploring ways to utilize the original actors in meaningful ways in the new series and not just offering cameos. Obviously this role has to be negotiated by my agent.

The question I keep hearing is if I've suddenly changed my mind and 'gone over to the other side'. First, I don't think this is about choosing sides or determining which show is better. You can't compare these two shows, since they're both so totally different in tone, spirit and style. My heart is obviously with the original and I will never change my mind about bringing back and continuing the original BG series. It's a classic and deserves to be brought back intact and I will do everything in my power to help inspire a continuation. Second, no one has suffered or been as frustrated and angry as I have been over the decision not to continue the original series with the original actors. I have spend a great deal of money, time and energy to bringing this about and have had to face the painful fact that at this time, at least, that is not going to happen.

I have struggled with my emotions over this and have done a great deal of thinking about how to use my time and energy in a way that will serve the best interest of Galactica and any future possibility of bringing back and continuing the original series. Attacking the new show and trying to bring it down is not the way to do it, as far as I'm concerned. The more successful any BG series is the more opportunities will come from it to do other potential BG shows, games, movies etc. The failure of the new Galactica series will not bring back the show many of us want.

I have learned the hard way to channel my anger and frustration in more positive and constructive ways that will lead to a win/win senario for everyone. When you attack and put people down, no one listens and you waste a lot of valuable energy accomplishing nothing. If you like the new series or hate it, great, the point is you're entitled to your point of view, but the fact remains that how you feel about the new show should have nothing to do with the old. They're two totally different shows from what I've seen, and in all fairness you can't really compare them.

As I've said before, I think the studio should have given this series an entirely different name, or maybe even made it a spinoff in the Galactica universe, but that is not the decision they made and we have to live with that. This whole thing has been difficult and extremely painful for me, but my suggestion is this; instead of attacking the new BG series, I hope fans will find a way to give constructive feedback that can help this series grow and evolve, and hopefully open the door to future possibilities.

Please just know that I love the original series concept and the original characters, and I will continue to support positive efforts to bring back the original, such as the campaign being conducted by the Colonial Fan Force, which has my full endorsement. That is my heart's desire.

I send you all the best, and please keep the faith!



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