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9 November 2001

Special greetings to one and all,

Even though I just posted my November newsletter, I felt it necessary to immediately address the most recent, dramatic and confusing turn of events that seem to have thrown the new Battlestar Galactica production into a tailspin.

First of all, my personal feeling not withstanding, I still believe in Battlestar Galactica with all my heart, mind and soul. I will always believe in this heroic story and it's epic journey to the stars, irrespective of whether I, or any of the other original stars, are onboard. I believe in Tom DeSanto, whom I have come to know both as an extraordinary human being and a very courageous producer. He is, in fact, the only high profiled producer I know who has not only recognized the inherent potential of Galactica, but more importantly, has had the guts to take on the extremely challenging powers that be; to accomplish what most in his field believe to be an impossible and fruitless task. That monumental task is his heartfelt goal and passion of bringing back this wonderful show in the best way he knows how. I can only take off my hat and applaud his efforts.

Unknown to many people both inside and out of the industry, Tom is the one who truly initiated this project and deserves the lions' share of the credit for getting this production on the fast track to realization. As a result of his efforts I have chosen to give my full support to helping him bring back this show and am asking all of you to do the same.

We obviously all have our personal vision and ideas about where we think the show should go but the most important issue at hand is first just getting the show back on the air in what ever way is most feasible. That doesn't mean we don't express our opinions or points of view, it just means that we don't let our personal viewpoints get in the way of accomplishing the larger vision.

I'm sure you all know that but if you are as passionate as me than you know how carried away we can get with what we believe in. That aside I'm sure most of you know by now that Bryan Singer has had to drop out as the director of the pilot. He had a prior commitment to direct X-Men 2, and as a result of the unfortunate timing and scheduling of the Battlestar Galactica pilot, he has had to turn his attentions to his prior commitment. As a result of his departure and the delays it may cost the production, Fox has decided to move on for the time being to prepare for their next fall's schedule. Nothing is certain, but Fox's deal with Tom and Galactica could be restructured in the near future and put back on the fast track. Keep your fingers crossed! If not, then I believe all things happen for a reason and maybe there is a more viable and supportive place for Battlestar Galactica where it has a real chance to succeed.

Please remember that these things happen all the time with many new shows -- and that Tom is still working overtime to forge a new deal that may be even better than the last one. The point is thank God we have a producer like Tom who doesn't give up and is willing to go to the mat to achieve his goals regardless of the obstacles. I know he's fighting hard for all of us and truly wants this new production of Galactica to reflect what we all believe in. Unfortunately, due to many egos and points of view on the subject, it may take time for Tom to unfold his own unique vision for the show -- and I know this can be very difficult for those of us who have our own unique vision for the story. However, I believe that if we can all be patient and supportive while continuing to give honest and constructive feedback to the production staff we will ultimately triumph and CO-create together the show that we have been waiting twenty-three years for.

Please continue to write your e-mails and letters, and sign the petitions to let Fox and the rest of the industry know we are still out there en masse, passionate, dedicated and steadfast and that we will not go away until they give us what we all want and deserve.

Keep the faith -- and Tom, we're all behind you! Go out there and kick some ass! Talk to all of you soon.

Richard Hatch


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